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Carlos D.Valcarcel 

Art studio Phoenix Arizona

Thinking Process: "Chorreado" Technique

Thinking Process:  "expression through Technique"

The concept of Art is Creation:

                                  Creation involves a process of three elements - knowledge, imagination and feelings. They interact simultaneously to bring an abstract idea into existence.


But... the art of creation's root is only on the imagination + feelings that cannot came to existence without knowledge


The touch of uniqueness is given by the feelings; In this part of the process the image is not as important as the way the image has been accomplish, to get it right, there must be extensive knowledge of the materials used.


So...the abstract idea starts at the core of the imagination molded by feelings and express through knowledge where knowledge is essential so that abstract idea could be molded and visible.

"Chorreado" is a technique in which the three elements of creation are in a constant learning mode with the object to give unique expression to each creation.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           cd valcarcel   

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