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Carlos D.Valcarcel 

Art studio Phoenix Arizona

"Chorreado" is a technique in which colors run all over the canvas by means of gravity leaving behind textures and forms or shapes always "reflecting movement". It is an inherent part of the technique.

In order to work properly it must be in "movement" all over the canvas at the same time. Only when running together the different textures forms and drawings will combine.

The fast pace in which this technique works makes it a process of pure inward imagery born at the heart and soul of the artist where beauty becomes the perception of the artist emotions.

This unique technique.... when use as a drawing process in which combining textures and forms or shapes to create images such as landscapes; or textures use as backgrounds for forms or shapes; or when textures, are placed inside of forms or shapes; or when the images itself are just textures with forms or shapes, the final combination... always reflects the image with a unique expression 

At the same time, this technique is tricky: as fast as it is, this technique will create on its own textures and shapes and combine them creating a final image but...that is "not a valid work" for the simple reason that will not reflect the creative process of the artist; what this means is that "The artist is not in control of the motion of the technique so the final image won't be the artist concept of creation". The artist must be in control of the technique at all times; it is the artist and only the artist who decide the direction, texture combination and movement for the composition of that image and not the technique.

The color combination is done inside the canvas; with this technique is done when the colors are running all over the canvas and merging with each other, the white is the white of the background of the canvas. The final work will show a combination of thin and thick deposits of paint, but in reality, what is left behind is a layer of a thin oil film with different degrees of transparency.


My first exhibition of "Chorreados Expression through technique" was done in 1982 at the Alliance Frances in Lima-Peru; on 1983 at the Club Libertad, Trujillo-Peru; on 1988 at the Palm Beach County Council of the Arts, in Florida; on 1993 at Portland State University, Oregon under "Four Hispanic Artist"; on 1994 at the IFCC-Portland, Oregon, on 2004 at the Mesa Public Library, in Arizona; on 2007 at the Tempe Public Library, in Arizona under "Saturation" 

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