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Carlos D.Valcarcel 

Art studio Phoenix Arizona

cdvalcarcel art studio phoenix az
foto alberto davila yyo en miexpo de alianza francesa de lima.jpg

1982 with Peruvian Art Master Alberto Davila-Alliance Francaise Lima Peru - First "Chorreado": Expression Through Technique exhibition


On 1976 I attended the art studio of Macedonio de la Torre, in Lima-Peru, with him I learn how to look inside myself and express it, so... I learn the art of Creation; a year later I got a grant from UNESCO for Restoration of Colonial Paintings, in Cuzco-Peru, where I learn about art materials. My next step was to research what I learn about art materials and the creation process and in 1982 I did my first solo exhibition under "Chorreados-Expressions through Technique" at the Alliance Francess in Lima-Peru with the support of the French Embassy of Lima-Peru and the University of San Marcos. In 1983 I was invited by Club Libertad to make an exhibition of "Chorreados" Trujillo-Peru. In1985 I was invited to the First Annual Art competition by Banpeco (Banco Peruano de la Construccion) in Lima-Peru, my work was bought by the CEO of bank and placed it into the Art Collection of the Bank alongside the old Peruvian Masters collection. In 1987 I was invited by the Palm Beach County Council of the Arts for a solo exhibition of "Chorreados" on the program of ART IN PUBLIC PLACES.' Florida-USA. On 1990 I was invited at the "32 Annual Hort Memorial" at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale-Florida. In 1992 I was Invited by The Hispanic Cultural Arts and the Palm Beach County Council of the arts to "Reflections: Hispanic Artist in South Florida" in Palm Beach Florida.   In 1993 I was invited by Portland State University, Portland-Oregon to exhibit at Littman Gallery under "Four Hispanic Artist"; my work was the only one review by Art Hopkins.  

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 In1994 I was invited by the IFCC-Interstate Fire House Cultural Center in Portland Oregon to exhibit "Chorreados: expression Through Technique". In 2004 I was invited by the Mesa Public Library to exhibit "Chorreados-Expression through Technique" at the library Gallery, Mesa Arizona; I was also invited to the 16th Art Detour by Cone Gallery in Phoenix Arizona. In 2007 I was invited by the Tempe Public Library to exhibit under "Saturation" at the connection Cafe, Tempe-Arizona. On 2013 one of my works was feature in Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 9 (online platform); the same year another of my works was added to a hard copy book :"Reflections: A Collection of Art" publish by Art Impression Publishing, page # 7. On 2021 I was invited to "Small Work Exhibit" by Main Street Arts Gallery, in Clifton Springs, New York also the same year I was invited by Art Room Gallery to exhibit at "Trees and Field Art Competition"" were my work got a Merit Award.  Lately I was invited to join The Artistas Peruanos website

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