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Carlos D.Valcarcel 

Art studio Phoenix Arizona

I regret not taking pictures of each one of my works since my first "Chorreado" exhibition back in 1982, but I was young and not thinking about the need of having them. My sole drive was to keep exploring this new technique that I just put together through which I was not only painting but also reflecting myself on each one of my paintings.


I was only 25 or 26 years old, and at that age to find as an artist the sole expression opens a life of inquiries on to how many different paths I will find. One thing I must say...between my 19 and 21 years old I had a high-level education through Macedono de la Torre and the UNESCO grant, thanks to my dad, Dr. Carlos Daniel Valcarcel Esparza. (deceased)

Imagination is an unlimited resource of the mind, combine with knowledge opens new paths constantly. Sensitivity of the emotions increases with time, is a constant on the journey through paths. I found out that experience, as a learning part of the process, drives you back to the beginning from which one starts again with a much mature step. It's a circle in which every path overlaps each other... that teaches.

Creation is a process of the mind to make an abstract idea visible... I paint with textures, every different block on my paintings is a combination of them... so... for me expression then becomes to be through textures, image through drawing combining them the image has its unique expression... is that simple.

"Chorreado" technique is a constant learning technique where creation becomes the main object.   

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